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Degree offer at TU (Thanlyin)

     Technological University  (Thanlyin) has produced a lot of master and bachelor students. TU (Thanlyin) offer with the following program.

  1. Post Graduate Degree Program
  2. Graduate Degree Program 


 Post Graduate Degree Program

 Master of Civil Engineering M.E. (Civil) 7-yrs (Full Time)
 Master of Electrical Power Engineering
  M.E. (EP)
  Master of Mechanical Engineering
  M.E. (ME)

Graduate Degree Program

 Bachelor of Civil Engineering    B.E. (Civil)   5-yrs (Full Time)
 Bachelor of Electronic and Communication Engineering B.E. (EC)
 Bachelor of Electrical Power Engineering B.E. (EP)
 Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering B.E. (ME)
 Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering B.E. (MC)
 Bachelor of Information Technology
 B.E. (IT)
 Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
 B.E. (Chem)
  Bachelor of Petrolium Engineering B.E. (Pe)
  Bachelor of Architecture Engineering B.Arch.