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Welcome to Pyay Technological University

About Us:

PTU is one of the technological universities in Myanmar and is located in Pyay, Bago West Division. It is famous for educating undergraduate and graduate engineers. PTU's mission is to develop highly qualified and committed professionals who will play a leading role in the sustainable development of the region of the country. PTU's education can lead to great opportunities in academic, business, or industry and the teaching ideas of this University allow a candidate to grow as an expert in a specialized field of study.

   Welcome to Pyay


On 1st April 1998, PTU was established under the Department of Advanced Science and Technology which is one of the Directorates of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The undergraduate classes were officially inaugurated on 27th December, 1999.
On  20th  January,  2007,  Government  Technical  College (Pyay)  was  incorporated  and
affiliated with Pyay Technological University. Prof . Dr. Aung Kyaw Myat  served as  the first acting Rector of PTU. In 2002, Prof. Kyaw Sann  (Protractor)  took  responsibility of University and acting as the Rector of the University.

Educational Objective of Pyay Technological University:

  • The main function of PTU is to develop human resources by producing qualified engineers, engineering scientists and applied scientists, who will play a vital role in modernization of the country.
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