Traditional Costumes in Kachin State

 The Kachin Attire


 The Kachin, one of the National groups of Myanmar, belongs to the Tibeto-Myanmar lineage. According to Anthroplogist Dr.E.R. Leanch records, the Kachin migrated from the Eastern part of Tibetto the Northern parts of Myanmar about 1400 years ago, that is about A.D. 500. They were found to have already settled down in the North Western and North Eastern parts of Myanmar, in the Ayeyawaddy and chindwin River reaches, in the Northern Shan States and Bhamaw and Katha areas.


Tracing back the meaning of the Kachin, some interpreted it as people who wants to dance (ucsif) and be merry. Some others attributed the named to the basket calling Palaing (jcif;) which they always carry strapped on their heads. Anyway, they are now commonly called Kachin.

              At present the Kachin community is consisted of Jingpaw, Rawan(Khanone), Lisu (Yaw-yin) La chit (Lashi), Law waw(Maru) and Zai war (Ahzi) tribes.

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