Welcome to Technological University (Myitkyina)


        Technological University (Myikyina) is situated 9300 feet far away from Myitkyina. Mandalay Union(Pyihtawng Su) highway, at Swe Aike Quarter, Panmatee village. The campus area is 150.52 acres. Formerly it was opened as Technical High School  (T.H.S) in Myitkyina, Kachin State with the material aids from Newge land in August 3rd, 1981.
         In 1997, September 1st, upgrade the high school to the Government Technical Institute (G.T.I) level and then in 2nd October 1999, becoming the Government Technological Colleges (G.T.C) level. In 20th January 2007, it was again upgraded the College to University.
          In 28th April 2006, transfer to Swe Aike Quarter, Panmtee village and open the new Technological University with the three stories building. 




Interesting Places for Visitors


Some interesting places in Kachin State are Hkakaburazi mountain,  Indawgyi Pagoda, Myit sone, Phakant view, Sutaung Pyae Pagoda and other places.These are as follows.



  Indawgyi Pagoda

 Hkakaburazi Mountain

  Indawgyi Pagoda  Hkakaburazi Mountain






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