Maubin District

Geographical Facts of Maubin District
                Maubin district is plain land and rich in streams. Maubin Township is 1362 feet high above sea level.    Among the population of Maubin district, the majority of people are Myanmar and Kayin nationals. The area of Maubin district is 1651.49 square miles and 1056952 areas.In the eastern part of Maubin district, there are Yangon district, Southern district and northern district, in the western part, there Paterin district, and Myaunmya district, in the southern part, there are Phyarpone district and in the northern part, there are Hinthada district that link with territory.




Significant facts of the Maubin District


                       Commander-in-chief Maharbandoola’s cemetery and Monument statue is situated in Maubin district, Danuphyu Township. Danuphyu fort which was famous in the first Anglo Myanmar war was destroyed by the flood.




 In Maubin District, there are many famous pagodas.

 Shwe Phone Myint Pagoda Shwe Myin Tin Pagoda

Maubin                           - Shwephonemyint pagoda
                                        Myoopawtawmu pagoda
                                        Sein Mya Kan Tar pagoda
                                        Akyawsulyanmyattonetan pagoda
Pantanaw Township        - Maharmyatmuni pagoda
                                         Kyaikhtiyoe pagoda
                                         Shwemyintin pagoda
                                         Kyaikhanane pagoda


Nyaungtone Township    - Atulamarazane pagoda
                                         Mochote pagoda
                                         Nainganaye pagoda
                                         Oakshithla pagoda


Danuphyu Township       - Kyaikalunpun pagoda
                                         Pyilonechantar pagoda
The project bridges of  Maubin District


There are four project bridges in Maubin district. They are Maubin Bridge, Khattiya Bridge, Pantanaw river- crossing bridge and Bo Myat Htun Bridge.

maubin bridgeBo Myat Htun BridgePan Ta Naw Bridge

Maubin bridge 

              Maubin Bridge is situated between Taloatlatt east villages and Taloatlatt west village in Maubin Township. The starting date of project is on 1st March 1994. The foundation date is on 4th April 1994. It was opened on 10th February 1998. It maintains 60 tons capacity. It is reinforced concrete bridge. 

Khattiya bridge


             Khattiya Bridge is located between Latyargyi village, Maubin Township and Bokanbay village, Tuntay Towship. It's length is 12 feet and  4 inches. It is reinforced concrete bale iron frame bridge. It maintains 13 tons capacity. It was opened on 24th July 1997.


Pantanaw river- crossing bridge

             Pantanaw river-crosssing bridge is situated in Bayintnaung street river bank, Pantanaw Township. It is Concrete bridge. It's length is 420 feet. It maintains 60 ton.

Bomyathtun bridge


            BoMyatHtun Bridge is situated is eastern bank of Ayeyarwaddy division. It comes from Naungton Township, Taungtan village through Ayeyarwaddy river, to western bank Ayeyarwaddy division, naungton Township, near dKyeinpinsae village.The upper part of the bridge is iron frame bridge and the lower part is reinforced concrete pill. It's length is 2604.7 meters.


Education of Maubin District


  • Maubin universityComputer University (Maubin)

In Maubin District, other universities are situated. These are

  •  Maubin University
  •  Computer University (Maubin)

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